Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It Might Just Be Time...

...for an update to our blog.

Life seems to be going well for the two of us here in Utah. We are coming to realizations that, even if we may not be in, what we consider, the most desirable of places (i.e. Prescott, AZ), God desires us where we are, and that is here.

Jennifer began a full-time job with Teacher Education and Leadership College here on campus. That's great news for those who hold our debts, but not so good for summer trip desires. We praise God for bringing about the situation, job, and coworkers that she now enjoys. This puts a hold on pursuing another degree, plus she hasn't quite figured out what that would be anyway.

Johnathan takes (too much?) advantage of the few days he has off between summer classes that he is taking and teaching. He looks to be done with his MA in folklore by next May, and he hopes to get into the EdD or PhD program for Literacy (Writing) Curriculum starting Fall 2011. That would keep us here for another 6 years or so...that's right - 6 more years. If that is God's will.

We both are involved in bringing YoungLife ministry here to Cache Valley. Everywhere you go, you ought to have an answer, defending the Gospel. We are excited about how we see God moving here in Logan, and we desperately want to be a part of all that God has planned.

Come see us. We'll try to take a trip to Phoenix this summer and maybe to Glacier National Park in August, but we want to show you around our wonderful valley.

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